Transform Your Body with Venus Factor

Venus-Factor-workoutEveryone dreams of a healthy and fit body. The burning question is how to achieve a great body. One of the best methods would be to combine healthy eating and exercise, therefore Venus Factor, a body transformation program for ladies has been attracting much attention recently as it works on the basis of exercise and healthy eating. What is attractive about this program is that it focuses on the most important factor which is your naturally attractive shape.


Best Body Shape

Majority of the programs fail to achieve weight loss as they do not address the real issue of shaping your body. They are usually based on abdominal exercise, intensive workouts or special diets. They neglect the factor of your naturally attractive shape. Venus Factor helps you to aim for your best body shape according to your current body proportions and a special workout plan catered to your needs and requirements. Venus Factor understands the fact that no two bodies are similar and not all workouts suit everyone. It focus on building muscles while burning fat and all workouts are done in a circuit manner with a sixty second rest between exercise. The ultimate aim for this program is to achieve an hourglass figure, a desire by almost every lady.


The main manual of Venus Factor talks about determining your ideal Venus Index ratio, helping you to decide whether you need to lose or gain weight to obtain it. There is an eating guide which you can use to reach your fitness goals. Venus Factor deviates from the usual slimming program where one would have to eat less or starve just to lose some weight. It teaches you how to get the right eating formula according to your specific needs. Learn how to calculate an accurate caloric intake according to your height, weight and measurements.

There are also many positive feedbacks of the workout guide that is found in Venus Factor. Many ladies have glowing reviews about how the workout has worked wonders for them. They have achieved amazing results and lost inches by following this exercise guide consistently. It includes a step by step twelve week workout that can tone your muscles and shaping them in the process of resistance training. The instructions were simple, clear and concise. There are also videos of the exercise routines that you can follow easily. The 12 week workout program is divided into three phases. One phase is four weeks long and during each of the phases, you are given a specific workout plan to follow.

Achieving the Perfect Feminine You

As Venus Factor is about creating a more feminine shape for yourself, the workout are made up of a series of strength exercise and weight lifting. Venus Factor have laid the basic fundamentals for you to achieve a sculpted body, the key to success largely depends on your discipline, motivation, consistency and willpower to complete this program. Only then, can you see a brand new confident you in front of the mirror in twelve weeks’ time!



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