Critique of Venus Factor

Venus-Factor-workoutThere have been many fad diets over the years, so some may view Venus Factor with a healthy degree of criticism. The program has received rave reviews from customers and reviews alike, but it remains to be seen whether this diet can really make a difference in the lives of ordinary people. A cursory glance at the package will let you know that it is backed by scientific research, and it does cover the basics of a good workout routine. This review will cover the pros and cons of its system and hopefully will inform you as to whether it may help you shed some pounds.

The Venus Factor was primarily designed for women, in large part because losing weight seems to be more difficult for them than it is for men. This may be in part because men benefit from having greater muscle mass, which allows them to burn more calories even when they’re simply sitting down. The program also targets leptin protein resistance in women, which is thought to be another root cause of why women retain more fat than men.

Pros of the Venus Factor

One great aspect of the Venus Factor is that it is tailor made to help each individual woman make progress if they pick up this diet program. Women of almost every shape and size can see some benefits almost immediately after starting this program. As long as they stick to the guidelines, it will help them get down to the shape that they want. Whether they want to simply reduce their waistline to fit into tighter jeans or change their body altogether, this diet plan can lay down the blueprint for this kind of success.

Venus Factor


Another advantage of this program is that it provides contact with a surprising amount of support staff while each person makes progress. Most at-home diet and weight loss programs simply send you the educational materials then hope that it works for you. With the Venus Factor, each person who buys the package will be given an online coach who will push them to make good decisions during every week they’re in the program.

Additionally, the Venus Factor links each of its customers up with a trained nutritionist who can give them sound dieting advice. This is a fairly impressive component of this program because this is advice from a trained professional who genuinely understands the situation of each customer. No other diet program seems ready to offer such a personalized way of delivering health information as needed.

Cons of the Venus Factor

The only possible drawback of using this program is that it will take over your life. You’ll be expected to work out according to their routine on a weekly basis. You’ll need to gradually alter your diet to conform to standards laid down by their professional nutritionists. It may be worth it, but it does require a firm commitment to success.

For people tired of crash diets and fad weight loss programs, this set may be worth looking in to. For many women looking to get into better shape, the Venus Factor appears to be a promising first step.

Venus Factor


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