A Review of John Barban’s Venus Factor System

Venus-Factor-ReviewThere are tons of weight loss programs out there, and most of them are just lame. Of course, many of them copy existing products meant for men and therefore fail to deliver any results in women. But in the past few weeks following its release, John Barban’s program, the Venus Factor System, has sparked a lot of interest in the women in the fitness and health community. Expectations are even high given the fact that John Barban’s male weight loss product, Golden Adonis, was a great success among men. The Venus Factor is expected to achieve the same in women. It is, therefore, proper for us to take an in-depth analysis of the Venus Factor. Read on to the review below.

What is the Venus Factor?

This is a weight loss product that is specifically designed for women. It is a 12-week nutrition program detailing a step-by-step model to power and override your metabolism. The program also comes with a virtual nutritionist software plus a fat loss exercise program as a bonus. The exercise program has 140 coaching lessons in video format. The bonus training is one of the unique components of this program. The exercise program holds the key toward the success of the program. In the program, John gives useful insights on how women should approach weight loss issues. Going through the guide reveals that John Barban approaches the subject of weight loss in a totally different way. He does not advocate for ordinary things. He even encourages you to eat those foods you think will lead to weight gain, such as pizza and ice cream!




Is it Any Different from Other Programs?

Any time a new program is released, it must be compared with what we already have. Therefore, questions such as this one must be asked and answered. An inside look at John Barban’s system reveals that he has done his homework pretty well. He sought the reasons hindering women’s weight loss efforts and came up with a solution. He based his program on dietary changes that influence hormonal function. It must be remembered that hormonal imbalance is the major reason for weight gain in women. If a product or a program solves this puzzle, then it is the ideal solution for this problem.


John Barban’s Venus Factor is the answer to the weight loss problem among women. Considering the many benefits associated with the product, it is highly recommended. When you get this product, you are just joining a growing list of satisfied women. The glowing customer reviews on the internet are a testimony of the effectiveness of the system. John Barban is very confident that the system works, and that is why he gives you a 60-day money back guarantee. Besides, you can get the whole program at an all time low rate of $9.95 for seven days, and if you do not like it, you can return it. You do not incur any cost to do this. As they say, try something, and if it works, buy it. This is a weight loss program we fully recommend.



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